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Wink Up January 2011

It's the standard set of questions but we had Toma look back upon the year with us too.

The person whom you are most indebted to this year

The audience, I guess? Because I released 3 movies this year. I'm sure there'll be some who went to see the movies many times and that's 3 movies isn't it? I was thinking this is one year where they have used much of their own allowance. (laugh) On top of that, they especially create time to watch the movie. So I'm really grateful towards them. I went to many different places for the stage greeting and received so much encouragement from everyone. I was really happy to be able to see for myself that there were many people waiting for us. It was also a form of encouragement for me.

The person who made you laughed the most this year

Kanjani8, I guess? I spent a lot of my time with Kanjani8 this year. (laugh) Beside Ryo-chan, I've went out for meals with all the other members. It's kind of like whenever I'm with Yoko, most of the time he will ask Subaru or Maru along. That was the first time I met Maru in private. In private, Kanjani8 are really cheerful and interesting. Because I've known many of them since a long time ago, there was no need to feel considerate or anything. That's why, rather than colleagues, they're just simply my friends.

The person you played the most with this year

Kanjani8. (laugh) I went out for meals with them the most. It was also the first time I met Ohkura outside of work. Our age isn’t that different but because we haven't really met, he called me Toma-kun. That just sorta felt weird. (laugh) And then when Yoko said, "why are you being so polite?", he suddenly started calling me "hanamizuki" (laugh) Conversely, I started calling him "Ohkura-san" (laugh) That made us threw off all our reserve. That's why, since then, whenever Ohkura called me, I would ask, "What are you doing now? (in polite manner), I ended up using a little of polite speech. (laugh)

The person you were most happy to meet this year

Tamura Masakazu-san. Tamura san is the sort of person whom you will wonder if he really exist, isn't it? That's why I was really touched when I was able to meet him. And being able to work with him on a drama was a really good experience. He seems like a difficult person to call out to but in actual fact, he candidly started a conversation with me. He's a really charismatic person and for some reason, my heart was beating so fast. It's been a while since I met someone and my heart started beating so fast.

On top of that, I also managed to work with many other wonderful actors on "Kyuukei no Kyouka". Because of that, I felt that I still have a long way to go. Especially since I played the role of the detective, I was able to meet all the members of the drama. I would wonder how this person will act out his role and went to the filming site feeling all excited. It was so enjoyable that I couldn't help it. It was like a business field trip to learn about "Actors and their job". (laugh)

This year, I became ________ person.

A person who flew through time, I guess? I became Dazai Osamu, after that I did Unubore Deka and on top of that, in Hikari Genji no Monogatari, I went back 1000 years in time. (laugh) Furthermore, I went to many different areas by the plane, Shinkasen and so on. The distance I travelled is seriously no joke. In that sense, I also flew through time, right? But I want to continue doing this wide variety of work, so I'm really happy with the way things are now. Next year, I would start playing Hitler and also play as a woman. I hope that working with Ninagawa-san on the stage play will allow me to take on more new challenges!

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1sssttttttttt... !! Yayyy ~~

Hhoho its good 2 know hes sooo happy ds yr ^^
N Kanjani 8.. Yes ~~ Whu wudnt laugh w/ Yoko..

Sankyuuu *__*

Thank you for the comment <3! ^^

It's been a fulfilling year for Toma. (:

Yeahh ~~ Hope wud b d same vo next yr or even muuuch muuch more *__*

thanks for sharing this.. <3

thanks for the comment. ^^

thank you for the translation. it's a very interesting interview. i thought it was with Arashi that he spent most time with. i didn't expect Kanjani8, but i'm not surprised either.

2010 was a very fruitful year for Toma. i hope next year will be the same, or better.

I guess Arashi's too busy? Haha. Oh, but I would so love some Junma news. =D

Next year will be an even better year for him. I hope! (:

it just hit me that toma's pretty close to kj8 the other day. esp yoko and hina. hahaha. and now this interview! hee its nice to see they hang out. :D

thanks for translating ! :DD

thanks for the comment. ^^ I love it when Toma shows up in yoko&hina's radio show. He gets bullied, as usual. Haha.

thanks for the traslate!! :3
aww♥ toma w/ kanjani8 hahaha yeaah

thanks for the comment! (:

Thank you for translation! It's very interesting.
I don't expect that he is so close to K8 0_o

I guess they've known each other pretty well? Esp since Yoko always bullies Toma on his radio show. Haha.

Thanks for the comment! (:

thanx so much for translation

taking to


thanks for the comment. (:

Thanks for translating ^_^

I loved reading this. Thank you!

(sorry, so late! lol.)

uwaa....lucky kanjani8, getting to spend so much time with him. hehe.

he did fly thru time!! lol.
i hope next yr will not be so crazy busy...he's getting too skinny...

thanks for the translation!
happy new yr!! ^^

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